Social Cohesion and Development 2014, Volume 9, Issue 2

Articles / 'Aρθρα
Charalampos Economou, Daphne Kaitelidou, Dimitris Katsikas, Olga Siskou, Maria Zafiropoulou, Impacts of the economic crisis on access to healthcare services in Greece with a focus on the vulnerable groups of the population

Ioannis Dendrinos,Youth employment before and during the crisis. Rethinking labour market institutions and work attitudes in Greece

Sevaste Chatzifotiou, Eleni Fotou, Ignatios Moisides Best practices in police handling and liaisons with social services workers in domestic violence incidents.

Katerina Vassilikou, Elisabeth Ioannidi – Kapolou, Sex Education and Sex Behaviour in Greek adolescents: a research review

  / Συνέδρια
EUROMED Migration III, Legal Migration Meeting, Contribution by Nasia Ioannou

Book Reviews / Βιβλιοκριτικές
Manos Spyridakis, The Liminal Worker. An Ethnography of Work, Unemployment and Precariousness in Contemporary Greece (Th. Sakellaropoulos),Nathalie Morel, Bruno Palier and Joakim Palme (eds.), Towards a Social Investment Welfare State? Ideas, Policies and Challenges, (M. Angelaki),  Kaufmann, F.X., European Foundations of the Welfare State (Chr. Skamnakis).