Social Cohesion and Development 2011, Volume 6, Issue 2

Contents / Περιεχόμενα

Articles / 'Aρθρα
Christos Bagavos & Alexandra Tragaki, Demographic aging in the EU and the impact on labour- employment prospects and pensions

Angelos Stergiou, Public- Private Partnerships in the statutory pension systems: A new interaction between public and private

Sally Bould & Sara Falcao Casaca, Older Women's employment: the pension crisis and the crisis of care

Vinod Sen, Impact of social security schemes and welfare programmes on beedi rollers

Conferences / Συνέδρια
The problems of supplementary social insurance in Greece. Conclusions of a conference. Report by Patrina Paparrigopoulou- Pechlivanidis

Book Reviews / Βιβλιοκριτικές
Ana Marta Guillén and Margarita León (eds) The Spanish Welfare State in European Context (Angel Αlonso Dominguez)

Marija Stambolieva and Stefan Dehnert (eds), Welfare States in Transition: 20 Years After the Yugoslav Welfare Model, (Alfred Pfaller)

Ebbinghaus Bernhard (ed.), The Varieties of Pension Governance, (Marina Angelaki)

Angelos Stergiou and Theodoros Sakellaropoulos (eds), Social Insurance Reform, (Ioannis Koukiadis)