Social Cohesion and Development 2016, Volume 11, Issue 1

Articles / 'Aρθρα

Maria Botsari and Theodoros Mitrakos, Social Indicators and the Effectiveness of Social Transfers in Greece over the Recent Crisis

Nikos Xypolitas, The Entrapment of Migrant Workers in Servile Labour: The Case of Live-in Domestic Workers from Ukraine in Greece

Vasiliki Kantzara, Education in Conditions of Crisis in Greece: A Exploration (2000-2013)

Georgia Petraki, Le travail interimaire en Grece: Certains cas de travail interimaire dans la fonction publique


Book Reviews / Βιβλιοκριτικές

Magara, H. and Sacchi S. (Eds), The Politics of Structural Reforms. Social and Industrial Policy Change in Italy and Japan, (A. Feronas), Anastasia-Sofia Alexiadou, Social Protection: Historical and Philosophical dimension (Con. Arvanitakis), Ανδρέας Φερώνας, Ο Εξευρωπαϊσμός της Κοινωνικής Πολιτικής. Θεωρητικό πλαίσιο, μεθοδολογικά προβλήματα και η ελληνική εμπειρία (Ν. Κουραχάνης)