Social Cohesion and Development 2011, Volume 6, Issue 1

Contents / Περιεχόμενα

Articles / 'Aρθρα
Sotiris Zartaloudis, Income inequality in Europe and the US: a partisan issue?

Ioannis Vavouras, From sustainable development to green growth: The abandonment of the social character of development

Vasiliki Kantzara, The relation of education to social cohesion

Apostolos E. Xyraphis, Les choix managériaux de gestion des ressources humaines «âgées». Une approche comparative

Kyriakos Souliotis, Vasiliki Mantzana, Athanasios Sakorafas, Chrictina Golna, Charalambos Economou, Employment request in the health care sector: A case of a specialized not-for-profit hospital in Greece

Book Reviews / Βιβλιοκριτικές
James Mahoney and Kathleen Thelen, Explaining institutional change: ambiguity, agency and power, (A. Roumpakis)

Marlier, E. and Natali, D. (eds) with Rudi Van Dam, Europe 2020. Towards a more social EU?, (M. Angelaki)